Sep. 12th, 2012

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Please people, for the love of whatever, learn to recognize trolls. Particularly the ones that are blazingly obvious from the first few lines, and just think they're being hilarious by getting everyone stirred up. Long-term, yeah, I think people who construct elaborate troll identities and then devote large amounts of time to supposedly making social connections in the communities they're trolling, ultimately do more damage. But if you can be continually dragged off into tilting at windmills by really obvious trolls, it's not going to be very helpful to whatever you're trying to do, activism-wise, either.

(Also: based on our experiences in the plural community and elsewhere, the most successful trolls-- or people assuming a fake identity for some malicious purpose or other-- are often NOT the ones who fit the most "faker stereotypes." In fact, they are often very skilled at figuring out what the "standard narrative" in a given community is supposed to be, and following it. I've seen people point out, for instance, that of the very small number of people who genuinely do fake disability, like pretending to need a wheelchair when they really don't, they'll try to conform to disability stereotypes almost exactly. Which means avoiding doing any of the things that often get real disabled people jumped for "fakery"-- like standing up briefly to reach for something on a tall shelf, which many wheelchair users actually can do, because it is possible to stand or push your wheelchair with your feet even if you aren't able to walk for more than a very short amount of time-- and adhering to social stereotypes of "the real ones, who can NEVER do X, Y or Z.")



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