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amorpha ([personal profile] amorpha) wrote2012-03-01 12:42 am
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I have these ideas that probably aren't good for us. [S.]

Like this idea to set up a blog or website cooperatively written by actual autistic people, that goes through and takes apart the writings of various autism "experts" line by line, pointing out all their fallacies and cherry-picked information.

It would be cathartic. But it would also probably be draining as hell, even with other people working on it. And I think for me personally, half the time it would end in incoherent "rargh rargh RAGE KEYBOARD SMASH TAKE THIS BROKEN KEYBOARD AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS SIMON BARON-COHEN AJLDSGFSJHJDHGH,SJGF." (Other people in here, uh, could probably keep a cooler head. But I'm the one who comes up with the ideas a lot of the time for some reason, that... I can't hardly do, because I seem to be better at more blunt forms of self-protection.)

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