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So apparently there are autistic bloggers who are also anti-trans feminists. I feel like we should apologize on behalf of the whole autistic community for this person or something, except I know that kind of thinking is a trap-- the idea that any member of a marginalized community should have to apologize to everyone else for the existence of asshats within it. But ugh. We're unfortunately well versed in the fact that being in a marginalized community doesn't mean you can't be a privileged douche to other kinds of marginalized people, but it's like... I'm also kind of terrified that non-disabled bloggers would declare that this person hates trans people because of some kind of bullshit about autism and "lack of empathy." As opposed to, no, she's just a bigot.

(Oh yeah, this is probably kind of self-evident, but if you're likely to be triggered by trans* bashing, especially of trans women, then yeah, don't click the link, because it's full of it.)

Also she apparently makes a distinction between "radfems" and "funfems." There's probably someone who could explain to us what that meant, but we'd kind of prefer not to try because I'm pretty sure the ideologies behind the words are the kind that make our brain hurt.


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John Elder Robison is a privileged douche. Ugh. Just, ugh. (Also, Shiny Famous Autistics, PROTIP: if you want to help all of us whom you see as being more tragic than you, you could start by not saying douchey privileged things that make me want to hit my head against a wall. Unfortunately, most of them are currently doing a very bad job of not saying such things.)

Also, in the comments to the interview itself, we agree completely with Michelle Dawson. I just hate that so many of us (and I include our system in this statement) are too busy and/or have too much difficulty putting together coherent statements about it to actively rebut this kind of crap, when it appears.


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