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I can read a map. I can read a map upside down. I can read a map turned left or right. I can read a map diagonally. I can even memorize it to the extent that I don't actually need to look at the paper.

But I can't make any sense out of a fucking bus timetable. FFFFFUUUUUU--

"Are you drawn to tables, charts, and graphs of information?" I have an interest in them when they're being SHOVED UP YOUR ASS, Simon Baron-Cohen.*

*(Metaphorically. I do not have an actual interest in doing something I actually know would be unethical, even to someone who has made it so that I now have to disclaim every sarcastic wish for something bad to happen to someone, because Eminent Scientists think I'm a sociopath. Add that one to the Neurotypical Privilege Checklist if it's still being added to.)
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Accessibility! Cause that's always a great thing to talk about in the disability community, right? Because the society most of us live in most of the time kind of really sucks when it comes to making many things accessible to people whose bodies, brains and/or senses aren't configured in the expected way.

So, uh, there's a new issue of Disability Studies Quarterly out. They did an issue on autism last year, and it had articles by, gasp, actual autistic people in it. Anyway, we've seen a few people plugging the latest issue of it. There's an article about closed captioning which we saved to read later, because it looks interesting-- even though our hearing isn't impaired, due to our CAPD we often find it difficult to watch/follow shows without subtitles.

This got sarcastic. I'm sorry. If you don't like sarcasm used in discussions of disability and writing, you probably shouldn't read this. )

...this is not to globally put down Disability Studies Quarterly or people who can understand the kinds of language in question. Just... venting frustration about language that shuts our brain out. Actually, there is a great article in the same issue that we would recommend everyone read, Infantilizing Autism. No, really, it's good, read it.

Now we should probably post this and go to SPACE BED.

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This rather hilarious Tumblr is shutting down, from "lack of submissions"? It's... not exactly a mainstream topic; I wouldn't expect people to be submitting new ones every week. :\ Despite our previous statements that we really don't understand how Tumblr works (which is true when it comes to all the "reblogging" stuff, not so much when it comes to just using it to link to things you've liked or found interesting or meaningful), we'd... actually be willing to take over maintaining it, if the person doing so gets upset over no submissions in a month. (We've, er, worked on maintaining websites where submissions for various types of things came in at a rate of much less than one a month.)

Not really sure what to make of the assertion that this type of image macro is dying out-- we didn't realize, I guess, that Privilege Denying Dude et al were posting every single image that got submitted. I thought they were... at least screening out nonsensical or bigoted ones.


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