Apr. 12th, 2012

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Autism Acceptance Month: Fuck Your Awareness

(Comments screened only because we absolutely will not tolerate any attempts to condone or justify murder or abuse of autistic people or disabled people in general in our space. Especially not "but I live with one of Them and the stress blah blah blah..." As we've said before, there are many aspects of our past and family we don't talk about publically, so don't assume what we have and haven't seen. And we also are not interested in attempts to spam opinions or ideologies that aren't actually about what we're talking about at all-- if you think this stuff is about anything but power and what kinds of people are valued by society, take it elsewhere, because we'll never agree with it.)

ETA: Oh yeah. This too. There are numerous people in our family who've had cancer. There are numerous people in our family who are autistic. Several of the ones who had cancer died from it. None of the autistic people have died from being autistic. (We don't like "pink ribbon culture" any better than we like "autism awareness" culture, but the comparison isn't a good one-- one of them is a life-threatening disease that can kill you, the other isn't. And having watched a parent die of cancer, we can certainly tell the "autism awareness" people which one we'd prefer.)


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