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there are times when i think a lot of ostensibly "normal" (non-disabled, non-autistic) people actually have no idea what they are actually saying to each other. as difficult as words are for me, at least... when i use them to deliberately communicate a point, i know exactly what i'm trying to say. (and i am talking about deliberate use of words here, not echolalia or hypergraphia.)

but sometimes I look at the stuff people say and I wonder if they even know if they have a point in any of it, or if they know what that point is, or if they're even talking about the same things as the other people in a conversation, or if what they're saying is logically consistent. i sometimes think that we can actually have a better grasp of all those things than... a lot of people who have accused us of not knowing what we're talking about or not understanding what other people are talking about.

(...i also think "normal" people can also repeat word-sets and ideologies echolalically. and that this has been a problem in some communities we're in. but because it happens so often to us-- involuntarily absorbing and repeating word sets, i mean-- we've had to get good at telling the difference between when we're being echolalic and when we're not, and the different degrees and types of echolalia. whereas people who experience it only rarely, or only in certain places, often seem to think their echolalia is coming directly from them and representing their true opinions and perceptions, because they haven't had a lot of experience in having to tell the difference.)


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