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Mostly, this will be a mirror of our LJ, [ profile] sethrenn, and used for posting of more self-advocacy-oriented stuff, while general day-to-day natter will stay on LJ. At this point, we don't plan on making any friends-only entries or filters, though we might change our mind at some point depending on how things go.

Bullies and trolls are not welcome here. If your intent is to bully, manipulate, or concern-troll us, our friends and acquaintances, or autistics or plurals in general, we will not give you a platform for it here. If you want to ask questions of us, many of them may be better answered on our webpage, so please bear that in mind. We don't want to sound offputting, but being constantly put on the spot in public and asked to answer questions feels very much like being told that the fact that we exist obligates us to constantly satisfy the curiosities of those with more privilege and power. And we've had enough of the self-narrating zoo exhibit treatment in other contexts, so please, if you want to ask us a question in the vein of "this is all so fascinating, and I was wondering if...", think about how you would feel if someone asked you a similar question, why you want to know it, whether you may be letting an unconscious sense of entitlement affect you, and check to see whether we have already answered it on our page.


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